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Health IT & Data Analytics Training

Health IT & Data Analytics Faces a Critial Workforce Shortage 

Healthcare clinics around the country face a shortage of trained, qualified staff to ensure that growing reliance on IT and Data Analytics in healthcare keeps Protected Health Information (PHI) secure and confidential, and data being collected can be analyzed and reported to improve population health. 

Health IT & Data Analytics Training 

Our training and education gives your staff the tools and knowledge to succeed. 

Clinics and healthcare providers need trained staff to meet increasing demands for compliant, secure systems, processes, and reporting. 

HTAA provides workforce development to engage women and minorities in becoming Health IT & Data Analytics professionals, and provides regular, on-going training in security and regulatory compliance. In addition we provide leadership coaching to improve performance and support healthcare leaders as they grapple with rapidly changing technology, regulations, and requirements.

Our innovative approach of real world, hands on training with an understanding of the strategic bigger picture builds high performing teams.