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Trainings to Help You Chart a New Path Forward: 
For Entry Level, IT, Clinician, & Senior Healthcare Staff

Launch Your Career.
Advance Your Career. 
Advance Your Organization.

The Why.

In demand Health IT and Data Analytics skills help you launch or enhance your career in patient services, healthcare IT, data analytics and informatics. And build your organizations most valuable asset--your staff and your team.


Employment opportunities in Health IT, Data Analytics and Patient Services are increasing exponentially. Yet there are not enough qualified, trained individuals to fill this need. Taking one of our courses, or making these training available to your staff, can open the door to career opportunities in healthcare and strengthen healthcare organizations. Trainings can help you and your team succeed in:

  • front desk, patient engagement and community health

  • clinical informatics, analytics, and information technology

  • leadership, senior executive and management


The What.

Health Tech Access Alliance teaches the skills required for entry-level positions and for advancing professional careers, including Health IT, Informatics, Analytics, Team Building, and Leadership.  


Trainings include:

  • Healthcare Career Fundamentals

  • Health IT, Informatics, and Analytics Part 1 & 2

  • Intermediate Analytics

  • Team Building and Leadership for Managing Change

  • Leadership for Senior Executives

  • CAHIMS / CPHIMS Exam Preparation

For more information on each class, please visit HTAA Courses. Participants engage in hands-on workshops using key health technology tools, including Microsoft network and infrastructure, information security solutions, and data analytics products. 


Happy Sports Woman

Come Get Your Game On 

Our training and education gives you the tools and knowledge to succeed. 

Healthcare providers need trained staff to meet increasing demands for compliant, secure systems, processes, and reporting, as well as leaders able to manage change. 

HTAA provides training to help you and your team become skilled, valued healthcare professionals and leaders. Besides training in Health Care Fundamentals, Health IT, and Data Analytics, we provide Leadership Training & Coaching to improve performance and support healthcare leaders and emerging leaders as you grapple with rapidly changing technology, regulations, and requirements.

Our innovative approach of real world, hands on training and the strategic bigger picture helps you build your own career and build high teams and organizations. 

Job Interview, Placement Assistance & Coaching 

The Extras.
Career Placement.

Participants have the opportunity to work with career placement professionals to aid in their understanding of the healthcare technology job market, and get job interview and placement assistance. Help potential hires get ready to interview with you, or get yourself ready to seek your next promotion or position.


1x1 coaching for leaders, emerging leaders, managers, and teams helps you and your team overcome barriers, deepen insight, grow soft skills, problem-solve, and be ready for new challenges. Coaching is provided by a certified, experience coach with extensive experience in turnarounds, transformation, & change management.

Coaching you and your team develop or enhance effective self-leadership, confidence, and team functioning so you can solve leadership challenges, transform organizations, improve health equity, and leave a lasting legacy. From developing new and diverse leaders to working with senior executives on challenges ranging from speaking up at meetings to succession planning, coaching empowers you to be your most successful, most authentic, and most deeply valued self.

When, How & How Much

The Details.

Classes are held in the evenings throughout the year to accommodate working schedules. All courses are interactive and conducted via Online and/or as Hybrid classes. Classes are typically once or twice a week for 4 to 12 weeks in the evening, depending on the course.

Cost depends on the training and coaching, with grants, workforce development programs, and sponsorships that help make training and coaching affordable for you and your organization. Registration fee is $150. Contact us to learn more about our current schedule of trainings, cost, and special opportunities.