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Our Team of Experts Works For You

Our Staff, Board & Advisors

HTAA leverages the expertise and guidance of expert and dedicated staff, board members, and advisors to ensure our services are tailored to the special needs and requirements of Community Health Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Health Care Controlled Networks, Health Information Exchanges, and Primary Care Associations in both rural and urban locations. We are committed to providing access to technology, security and compliance training and solutions so these providers can continue to serve underserved communities. Learn more about our staff, board and advisors by clicking here:


 HTAA Staff   HTAA Board & Advisors.  

Our History

HTAA was founded in 2015 to serve those serving the underserved.

In 2015, Robert Zimmerman, Anna Gard, and Ty Faulkner founded HTAA as a nonprofit corporation registered in Maryland.


Anna and Ty had worked with healthcare advocacy organizations, as well as directly with underserved communities and clinics. Robert had developed a simplified security and privacy solution for small to medium-sized organizations. Robert and his team had partnered with Claudia Page and the California Health Care Foundation to provide training and guidance on HIPAA

compliance and implementation to healthcare clinics and business associates.


As a result, Robert, Anna, and Ty saw the need for a national nonprofit to provide hands-on, practical technology training, security and implementation support for small to medium-sized healthcare providers serving the underserved. 

In 2018, Carol Loftur-Thun joined HTAA as Executive Director. That same fall, Dr. Arti Varanasi worked with Robert to design the curriculum for the Health IT training program. In 2019 Adam Bullian and Kristine Stallings joined HTAA, and HTAA recruited its first interns. 

HTAA focuses on hands-on work with clinics and providers, and continues to build its capacity to serve those serving the underserved. 

Our difference is that we are hands-on. We help clinics and providers utilize technology to enhance and secure their organizations. All of us are passionate about making technology accessible for those serving the underserved in a practical, real world way.

Robert Zimmerman, Founder & President

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