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Health IT, Data Analytics, & Leadership

Spring 2023 Class

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Starting January 23, 2022
5:00-7:00 PM Hawaii Standard Time
via Zoom
$150 fee includes 12 week course thru April 10th
plus 1:1 Leadership Coaching 

in collaboration with

Hawai'i Primary Care Association

Please complete BOTH the "Enroll Now" Process AND the Registration Form below to secure your seat. Your registration will be considered incomplete if both are not completed.

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Demand for Health IT (HIT) and Data Analytics professionals with Leadership skills is growing rapidly. To serve those in need, Primary Care Associations (PCAs), Community...
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Started Jan 23, 2023

Demand for Health IT (HIT) and Data Analytics professionals with Leadership skills is growing rapidly. To serve those in need, Primary Care Associations (PCAs), Community Health Centers (CHCs), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and Health Care Controlled Networks (HCCNs) need trained, qualified staff. Come learn practical skills to advance your career.

Dates & Locations:



Classes will be held online with online labs beginning January 23, 2023 through April 10, 2023, on Monday evenings 5-7:00 pm Hawai'i Standard Time. All classes will be held live online via Zoom in an interactive format with lectures, videos, class discussions, and small groups. All course materials and software needed are included.


Online labs during class sessions will allow students hands-on opportunities to practice skills in small groups and with the class as a whole to learn how to use Excel, Tableau, BI and/or R 


Individual coaching sessions with a professional leadership coach are included in the fee. Coaching sessions are held via Zoom, and scheduled at a mutually agreeable time between student and coach. Coaching helps prepare students for effective team and project leadership in HIT.

Registration Form

To complete registration for the Health IT & Data Analytics course, please fill out the information below. Registrations without this information will be considered incomplete.

Fees & Eligibility:

The fee for this course is $150.00 for HPCA member staff. 

On a space available basis, other individuals may register for an additional fee. Preference will be given to employees of CHCs, FQHCs, HCCNs, PCAs and other providers serving underserved communities. 


Class Etiquette & Technology Requirements:

This class is held in a live, interactive online format using Zoom. Students are expected to attend sessions and participate with their video cameras turned on so they can fully participate in class discussions, exercises, and interaction with classmates. Please make sure you have a robust, high-speed Internet connection, microphone, and working video camera/webcam before the first class begins. However, we understand that from time-to-time students may need to step away or turn off their video camera to attend to personal or family needs. If you have any questions about class etiquette or technology requirements, please email prior to March 1st. 

Optional CAHIMS/CPHIMS Certification Bootcamp:

HTAA offers a Bootcamp to help students prepare to pass HIMSS certification exams, but this Bootcamp is NOT included in the HPCA fee and this registration. The HTAA Bootcamp requires an additional registration. The bootcamp will held online with review of key concepts, test-taking strategies, and practice tests. Spring Dates: TBD, likely April - May.


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